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It’s been over 30 years since Sishmu and Korbla left the all-women’s witching Coven to follow their oathbreaking teacher, Vaski, on a doomed quest for empowerment.

Now, estranged and on the opposite sides of the world, the two former students are headed for a confrontation with their shared past as their old teacher resurfaces to enact violence at their doorsteps. But who is Vaski seeking to hurt and why, and can the two set their differences aside to find answers in time?

TIME WILL DEVOUR HIS CHILDREN is an on-going queer adult fantasy comic about your past coming back to haunt you. This story is intended for adult audiences, and will explore dark themes. First chapter is safe-for-work, 84 pages long, full color.

The chapters are released in my itch.io store as I make them between my other work. The story is pay-what-you-want, - I encourage people who can't afford to buy it to download it for free and spread the word, but I appreciate the tips.

Content warning for transphobia.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorOtava Heikkilä
TagsComics, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, LGBT, Queer, Transgender


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Such a wonderful story with such a rich setting and obviously well and meticulously crafted lore. I've been wanting to learn more about these characters since their story in Smut Peddler, and it's so cool to see their world and their origins!


This was certainly worth the wait- even if it's really just a tiny bit of the story right now. A good balance of showing vs. telling for the setup, and the art has a wonderful texture. The colors are superb, but the texture- somewhere between dry brushed acrylic and colored pencil- is used to great effect. It gives every panel extra visual richness.


Intensely interesting and thought provoking, as always. It's hard to even put my thoughts into words, so I'll try again later when there's more...
Thank you for sharing this!


Hell yeah can't wait to read more!!